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I offer individual counselling, as well as counselling to parents regarding children and family matters.

Questions about yourself, your upbringing, normality, fears and child-rearing can make one feel stuck. It is important for me to create a space together where it is encouraged to speak freely about desires, fears and fantasies. Also to create awareness of ones own self-defeating strategies, and when and why these are activated. 


My approach is focused on relations and emotions with a firm base in psychoanalytical psychotherapy, drawing from different schools of psychodynamic theory and thinking. In practice this means a focus on expressing your feelings as well as exploring oppressive thoughts and emotions instead of avoiding them. The primary aim is to gain new coping skills and facilitate development but also to gain a greater understanding of one self.


How does therapy work?

We will begin with three initial sessions to make a mutual agreement if and how to continue your counselling. If we agree on continuing, we book regular sessions, usually 1-2 per week. Depending on your needs I offer short term (10-20 sessions) or longer therapy. One session is 50 minutes.


Therapy online over Skype is also an option.

Write to me about yourself and the reasons for seeking contact, in the form below. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.


Or write to me directly at:

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